A Business Inspired By Coupons

Eight years ago, Mark Pearson launched the now-successful MyVoucherCodes from a computer in his bedroom with just £300 in the bank.

Pearson's Story MyVoucherCodes

By the time the UK was hit with the recession in 2008, budget-conscious shoppers had begun flocking to the site, looking for discounts and tips on thrifty spending. Until the recession, discounts weren’t an important factor of one’s spending habits, however across the pond in the USA, there was already a significant craze for coupons. The frugal lifestyle has since made its way over to the UK, made especially popular by online deals and television shows such as ‘Extreme Couponing’.

It was this new found popularity that propelled Pearson’s site into success. MyVoucherCodes offers discounts that can be used at well known retail stores such as Marks and Spencer or Argos, often generating savings of up to 20%.

Now thirty four, Pearson has sold his business for £55m and is currently working on future business endeavors. Today, he funds businesses in which he sees potential, investing a minimum of £100,000 each time. These business are usually start-ups run by young entrepreneurs – a cause close to his heart, since he left school at 16 to train as a chef before entering the world of entrepreneurship.

Whilst he has not openly discussed his upcoming projects, he has explained the potential he sees in online shopping through mobile devices, so it is likely his new business will revolve around hunting for deals through a mobile site or app.

He is also working on an initiative that aims to fund and encourage young visionaries from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to help bring their business ideas to fruition. Although the government currently offer £10,000 start-up loans, Pearson feels this is not enough to truly become established in one’s chosen industry, especially with the expense of hiring an office, staff and marketing services. His goal is to show that school leavers could gain success by following a non-traditional route and starting a business.

How Vitacost Coupons Helped Me Get Healthier

chinasupplementsLast year I underwent a major operation which affected my intenstine and its ability to absorb the nutrients which are in the food. Soon, I was found to be deprived of many vitamins and minerals. These affected the rest of my organs, the heart, liver, bones, hair and even my cognitive functions like memory and concentration.

The first weeks the doctors tried to reverse the situation by giving my drugs but I was getting worse. Finally, another doctor came in, Dr. Gupta Makutu, who had also studied alternative medicine in Mumbai, and studied my blood test and examined me more. He figured out what the actual problem was and started giving me supplements. Vitamins of all kinds.  Tablets, gels, pills and other liquids, all from natural resources. The improvement was dramatic in the 2nd day. Everything from my heart and stomach to brain and mood started getting better. We called vitacost.com and talked to a physician on the phone about my problem and he suggested which of the thousand products they sell online would be best for me. Bottles and boxes would come everyday at the first 2 weeks. We even had the chance to use several vitacost coupons which we found online at spiqy.com/vitacost and in the company’s weekly newsletter.

After the 1st week I didn’t have to take more medication and continued with the supplements alone. Needless to say, I was told to leave the hospital and go home, since my health had been substantially improved and my blood tests and mood were telling so.

After a month I had my next test and was perfect. Dr. Gupta suggested new dosages, which are recommended by Vitacost.

Now Cheaper Whey Protein With MuscleAndStrength.Com Coupons

Hi everyone. Alice here with one more coupon tip for all the males out there who are taking body building seriously. My husband, Dick, started going to the gym last January; you know, one of those crazy new year resolutions again. Anyway, this year he is determined to build some muscles, so he works out 4 times a week and he even started taking protein shakes. Here’s the thing though; those vanilla flavor powders cost a lot and with the gym subscription added, the whole body building expense rises way too high. However, with a couple of muscleandstrength coupon codes we found online, we save 20% on his whey protein. He also subscribed to their newsletter in order to get those weekly promotions and discount notifications so he takes advantage of different bargains every time he places an order. You can also ask for a particular muscle & strength coupon if the one you have doesn’t apply on your order.

muscleandstrength.com coupon codeNow, Dick wants to share a few things about his favorite product from Muscleandstrength.com, the Nitro-Tech

This Pure whey protein is scientifically made for muscle-builder formula for all sports persons who want to gain more strength, muscles and extra performance. This product has a promotional discount and is sold at a fair price at the company’s e-shop.

Nitro-Tech contains high quality proteins specifically from whey and prepared for a faster gain by the muscles development and strength. It has the following ingredient:


-Trans Fat; 0g

-Carbs; 1-2g

-Creative; 3g

-Alanine; 4g

-Digestive enzymes; 100mg

For those on the workout, using Nitro-Tech will see you gain 8.8 lbs of lean muscle in less than two months. Compared to those who use other similar products, who gain almost half of that.

 How Does It Work

muscle and strength couponsNitro-Tech happens to be the supplement that contains three major three forms of amino acids which are alanine, glycine and tauline. It has been specifically made to deliver protein builders that are easy to digest and absorb by the human body.

They repair muscle cell, boost muscle growth and thus making the product the ultimate choice for post workout amino acid supplement.

It has Alanine which is the second most utilized amino acid in the protein synthesis process. Alanine is second from Lucine. The combination of the two has proved to boost muscles and help the body in the protein synthesis process.

Glycine is the third and is a popular amino acid that plays the role of formation of other major body compounds. It also increases the volume of cells.

Tauline is another amino acid that helps body in muscle cell multiplication.

When purchased, Nitro-Tech has a dosage that provides user with 30gm of mono-hydrate of protein with less carb and fats. This is higher value of protein per scoop compared to what other products give. Nitro-Tech has filtered protein technology that gives it less fat and removes impurities. This is not the case with other cheaper protein sources.

Getting your Nitro-Tech from Muscleandstrength.com will see you get value for your money. This is because the product is prepared professionally and tested for ingredients therefore giving the user an exact calculation of the ingredient and the amount taken. That is not all, it has the best taste ever which is incomparable to the other similar products int he market.

Discount Policy And Available Online Coupons For Online Purchases

The product has an offer for the online purchases. Every one pack of the Nitro-Tech purchased, you get 15% OFF! This comes with the limited stock of the product. It is a great product with great health benefits. The 10% discount coupon is a plus making it a major recommendable source of muscle proteins. Just type SAVETEN at the checkout coupon box and you will save 10% off your entire order plus a buy 1 get 1 free offer for low ticket items.

Weight Watchers Coupons – What to Consider Before Joining this Program

Weight Watchers Coupons

The current Weight Watchers coupon deals are:

  • Weight Watchers Online: Try a week FREE!

  • Simple Start: A 2-week plan to start losing weight

  • $29.95 off Weight Watchers Online when you buy a 3-month savings plan.You don’t need a coupon code. Just visit the popular coupon site Good Search, and get access to these deals.

Are you looking to make some changes in your life in order to become the healthiest and happiest you can be?  Are you considering a diet or weight loss plan to help you accomplish that?  Most people have heard of the Weight Watchers program as one option that is available.  It is a popular and successful program that may be exactly what you are looking for.  But there are a few things to keep in mind before you join so that you know exactly what you are going to accomplish. One of the most important is to understand how the program works, and then, if you decide to join, to use one of the popular Weight Watchers coupons.

Update: The following deals are now available at WeightWatchers.com

Weight Watchers deals and coupons

Pace of Weight Loss

One of the things that is looked at a con is actually a good thing – the pace of weight loss.  Weight Watchers has a goal of approximately two pounds a week, which aligns with the CDC recommendations.  This is a healthy weight loss progress but it may not be fast enough for everyone.  Weight Watchers is focused on making life long changes in it’s clients, not producing crash diet results.


If you are looking for a plan that structures everything you eat, with no flexibility, then Weight Watchers is not for you.  One of the main features of Weight Watchers is that it offers you flexibility to eat what you want but make healthy choices.  It provides you guidelines and suggestions, but does not lay out an entire meal plan.  The idea is that you can incorporate the food changes into a lifelong nutrition plan.

Cost and Weight Watchers Coupons

The cost of the program and the food may be prohibitive to some people.  There are fees associated with the weekly meetings and online programs.  While not a requirement, there is also food that can be purchased as a part of the program.  This food can be a little costly for some people.  The good news is that there are several promotion codes for Weight Watchers. A promotion code for Weight Watchers is easy to find. Just go online and look for “Weight Watchers coupons”. These coupons can save you money and make the program more affordable.

Group Environment

The group environment is sometimes not appealing to people.  For example, as part of the weekly meetings, you are weighed and then meet with the group to have discussion and ask questions.  This may not be appealing to everyone.  If you are one of those people, the online plan may be what you are looking for.

Weight Watchers Coupons

If you have decided that Weight Watchers is a great plan for you, there are a numbers of ways you can save money on the process.  Weight Watchers coupons are easy to find and offer some very good discounts to assist with your weight loss journey.  Popular coupon sites almost continuously offer Weight Watchers coupons.  Most of them can be printed off while others can be loaded on to grocery store club cards.  For example, mightydiets.com has discounts for both the SmartOnes food items as well as the Weight Watchers programs.

There are pros and cons to any program that you look into.  With a little investigation you can learn if Weight Watchers is good for you.  It provides many benefits and can be a great way to make healthy changes in your life that will lead to a healthy and happy you.

When you are on a diet, make sure you eat your vitamins! Vitacost is a vitamin store I recommend.


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