About Alice

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Hello from Williston, North Dakota. My name is Alice Barber and began iPencil after watching a frugal woman in the grocery store pay very little for a huge amount of groceries. In fact, after handing the clerk a large amount of coupons, she only paid $27.15 for food items that were well over $100, and this got me to thinking. If she can do it, why can’t I? This took me on a journey that changed my life and helped me ease the financial burden on my family.
Alice BarberIf you have a child, you know it is not easy raising him or her. Now multiply that by four and you will get an idea of how much fun I have during the day. I am not complaining though, as I love my children and husband, but one day he became very ill, and it turned out to be an inner ear disease that forced him to go on disability.

How I Started This Money Saving Blog

My husband was off work a long time before he got disability, and I am not college educated so I took a job at a local hardware store. We managed to get by, but it was so depressing to always be broke, and when I saw that woman in the store with all those coupons, a light bulb went off inside my head. We talked for a long time and she told me her secret. Check into every possible money saving source, each and every day.
I thought about what the woman told me and went online to see what kind of info was available. To my surprise, I found a wealth of information. First, I went to online coupon blog sites and emailed the website owners. I frequented coupon discussion sites and in no time, I had some great sources for money saving offers.
There is a universal law that states everything you do, eventually comes back to you, and once you receive good things, you should share them with others. When you share, you open up your life for many good things to enter. That is the reason you will find money saving offers here.
Some of my deals help you save on food items, but there are many other products you will save on. Online coupon and promotion codes are perhaps the easiest way to save when shopping. You will not have to buy newspapers and cut out coupons, nor will you need to print out many of the money saving offers you find. All you need to do is enter some letters or numbers at checkout.
I love the World Wide Web because it lets me share with people all over the country. I can help people in New Jersey, Texas, Nebraska, and Oregon, enjoy the same deals that I do. Online promotions are good no matter where you are.
No special equipment is needed to take advantage of the great deals on this blog site. In fact, all you need is access to the Internet and a desire to save. People are enjoying huge savings on a large variety of goods and services, and you can receive the same benefits.
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