How does visceral fat harm your body and your health

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A lean belly leads to a healthier longer life. So, when we measure our waist, we really measure this gelatin fat where the organs are very closely packed together. In this case, we need this amount of fat, this is healthy.On the second case however, which is the case many people deal with, there is all that excess fat surrounding your organs. Basically, your organs are separated by this toxic mass of fat which has invaded your stomach region and is causing serious and diverse health problems.

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Let’s talk about what is happening inside your belly with all this visceral fat and why having a lean belly is such a key to good health. So, you are walking around with too much abdominal fat or visceral fat. The issue here is that this kind of fat does not just sit there but instead it is a toxic group that literally circles all your organs.

abs-exercisesFurthermore, it increases inflammation. Actually, it secretes chemicals that contribute to the escalation of inflammation throughout your body. Visceral fat also affects your cardiovascular system as it increases overtime your blood pressure, amongst other things. While visceral fat carries out all this disastrous work in your body, it goes even further with its harmful affect by increasing the chemical called Interleukin-6. This chemical even more increases inflammation in your body.

While all these issues take place, something also damaging occurs in your body: your metabolism is being governed by this excess body fat. Adiponectin is affected and is reduced and when you do not have enough of it, more belly fat is being stored. So, it is a vicious circle to poor health.

ripped-bellyYou liver is also overwhelmed with Cholesterol which leads to plaque buildup in your arteries. What happens next? Fatal heart attacks and everyone always asks, “what could he/she have done differently”? The answer is simple and straightforward, you have to target excess belly fat.

Belly fat leads to: Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, Arousal Dysfunction

 What happens when you get rid of the belly fat

happy-personWhen you eradicate your belly fat and you get a lean belly, you will enjoy a number of benefits in your daily.

Studies have shown that you will be smarter, you will sleep better, you will have a healthier heart, better sex, even more money as you will spend substantially less money on medical bills and finally you will have more money to travel the world.



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