How Vitacost Coupons Helped Me Get Healthier

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chinasupplementsLast year I underwent a major operation which affected my intenstine and its ability to absorb the nutrients which are in the food. Soon, I was found to be deprived of many vitamins and minerals. These affected the rest of my organs, the heart, liver, bones, hair and even my cognitive functions like memory and concentration.

The first weeks the doctors tried to reverse the situation by giving my drugs but I was getting worse. Finally, another doctor came in, Dr. Gupta Makutu, who had also studied alternative medicine in Mumbai, and studied my blood test and examined me more. He figured out what the actual problem was and started giving me supplements. Vitamins of all kinds. ┬áTablets, gels, pills and other liquids, all from natural resources. The improvement was dramatic in the 2nd day. Everything from my heart and stomach to brain and mood started getting better. We called and talked to a physician on the phone about my problem and he suggested which of the thousand products they sell online would be best for me. Bottles and boxes would come everyday at the first 2 weeks. We even had the chance to use several vitacost coupons which we found online at and in the company’s weekly newsletter.

After the 1st week I didn’t have to take more medication and continued with the supplements alone. Needless to say, I was told to leave the hospital and go home, since my health had been substantially improved and my blood tests and mood were telling so.

After a month I had my next test and was perfect. Dr. Gupta suggested new dosages, which are recommended by Vitacost.

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